Milestone / 里程碑
2010:    Company found with 1.5 million USD capital size
             MP Roll to Roll ITO film for EL application
2011:    MP Touch-on-Lens (TOL) projective capacitive touch panel and Low resistivity (30ohm/□) ITO film
2012:    Found raised to 4 million USD capital size
             MP IM-ITO film (semi-crystalline ITO) for P-CAP touch panel
2013:    Found raised to 10 million USD; Obtain ISO 9001 Certificate
             Installed an G4.5 In-Line ITO Glass Vacuum Sputtering Coater
2014:    Found raised to 12 million USD; Install 2nd Roll to Roll Sputtering Coater
             MP 10.1” G1F touch panel for a Japanese Tier One Company
2015:    MP 10.1” & 15.6” GFF touch panel for a Japanese Tier One Company
2015:    Found raised to 15 million USD; Establish ERP system
             MP 9" MPF touch panel for a world largest OEM company
2016:    Obtained ISO 9001:2015 / ISO 14001:2015 Certificate
             Develop Mirror Type Projective Capacitive Touch Panel
2017:    MP 7" GSP touch panel for an US company, and 7" treadmill touch panel for an US Tier One Company
2018:    MP 15" touch panel for POS application; Developed 3D film lamination for bare eyes 3D image display
2019:    MP 15.6", 13.3" & 8" touch panel for medical application
2020:    Developed RGB PC case, and self-made OCB for optical bonding application
             MP 2.4" to 23.5" all size touch panel for various application
2021:    MP optical bonding service with self-made OCB for LCM with or without metal frame
2023:    Attending COMPUTEX 2023, Taipei, Taiwan, Nangang Hall